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Speed Post Tracking Passport Delivery Status

Speed Post Tracking Passport Delivery Status:

Once your passport interview goes through well and passport gets approved, your passport will be printed by Regional Passport Office and will be dispatched to your address. The address to which the passport will be sent is the address you have given in your passport application form. The passport will be sent through Speed Post to your address. They will not send your passport through any other mode. 

If you have any emergency, you can directly collect over the counter at Regional passport office with the request letter, required documents and reason for urgency. The regional passport officer will review your request and can allow you to collect the passport directly.

How to track the Passport Delivery status sent through Speed Post?

Once your passport is printed and ready to dispatch, the passport status in the Passport seva kendra online portal will be something like 'Passport XXXXX has been dispatched on DD/MM/YYYY via Speed Post Tracking Number xxxxxxxx.'

Once your passport is dispatched, you can track the Passport Delivery Status through Speed Post tracking utility.

The link to check your Speed Post Tracking Passport delivery status  is

Steps for Speed Post Tracking Passport Delivery Status:

Speed Post Tracking Passport Delivery Status

Step 1:

Note the Speed Post tracking number from the Passport Seva Kendra portal. You can check the status in

You can check how to check Passport dispatch status here.

Step 2:

Enter the consignment number in the page -

Step 3:

Enter the characters shown in the image in the text field.

Step 4:

Click on the 'Search' button to check the Passport delivery status.

My address has changed after submitting the application but before the passport is dispatched - What to do?

  • Submit an application to the Regional Passport office with proof of your present address and other proofs if they require any. 
  • After validating your application, the passport will be dispatched to the new address if everything is correct.

My address has changed after the passport is dispatched - What to do?

Once the status is changed to dispatched you cannot update the address.

The speed post authorities might try to deliver your passport at the address given by you in the application form. Once they find out that you are not available in that address, they will return your passport to the Regional Passport office. 

You have to submit an application to the Regional Passport office with proof of your present address and other proofs if they require any. After validating your application, the passport will be dispatched again.

I will not be available at home to collect my passport - What to do?

Try to make sure that you are available at your home while your passport is getting delivered. In case of unavoidable situation, ask your family member to have a valid id proof including your id proof. The postman's decision is final after checking the id proofs. If he is not satisfied, he might return the passport.

Hope Speed Post Tracking Passport Delivery Status  is useful for you.


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