How to apply for minor, student and senior citizen passport.

In this article we have given the details on how to apply for a passport for minor, How to add the spouse name to the passport, How to apply passport for senior citizens and students.

Let’s see how to apply for passport for minors.

For applying for the minor passport the applicant age should be less than 18 years. To apply for minor passport both the parents should have a valid passport and the spouse name should be endorsed in the passport. If the spouse name is not endorsed you submit the re-issue of passport and get the changes done. The parent’s passport photo copy should be attested with the annexure H where is the parents give the consent to issue passport to the minor. Both the parents should sign the annexure H mandatorily in the form that both are agreeing to issue the passport to the child. The photocopy of the child should also be attached. The validity of a minor passport is five year or until they attain the age of 18. There is certain charge levied depending on the age and the extension of the validity. If either one of the parent cannot sign or if it is signed by the guardian then Annexure G should be submitted.

How can senior citizens apply for a passport?

Senior citizens can apply for a passport online following the usual procedure like how we apply for fresh passport. The senior citizen passport comes with a 10 years of validity. Senior citizen can submit the form with the copy of the child’s passport (Above 18 years) who is staying abroad. The parents name should be included in the child’s passport. Passport will be issued to the senior citizen after the submission of the form and police verification.

Students passport – How to apply for students passport

Students can apply for the passport by attesting the address proof of the location they are staying and taking up the course. For example if you are studying in Chennai, you can provide the college id proof , along with the hostel address proof and apply for passport in any of the passport seva khendras in Chennai. You should also attest a Bonafide letter from the authorized signatory of your college.

Validity of the passport

The adults passport is valid for 10 years and minors passport is valid for 5 years or till they attain the age of 18. For the minors between the age of 15 -18 years can apply for a passport with 10 years of validity or for a passport that is valid till the age of 18 years only. Once you passport is expired you should apply for the re-submission of the passport. You can do this procedure online by attesting necessary documents with the application form. If you passport in going to expire, you can apply for re-submission of passport one year before the expiry of the passport.

How to endorse spouse name in the passport.

You can add the spouse name in the passport by applying for re-submission. You have submit necessary documents related to your marriage like the marriage certificate or the wedding invitation or the photo of you both. These documents should be attached with the photocopy of your current passport.

You want to make change in your name, date of birth or any others changes you have to apply for re-submission of passport with the necessary documents for the name change, address change, date of birth and other details attached with it.

Hope this article has given you all the details about the students passport, minor passport, senior citizen passport, making changes in the passport and the validity of passport.

Passport Appointment Booking

Passport Appointment Booking online:

Passport appointment booking has been made easier since the inception of Passport Seva Kendra online portal. I thought of writing this article is really important because I struggled a lot 7 years back in order to get the passport. I had to visit many the police station and post office to submit my passport application because the procedure was totally different at that time. I literally got frustrated and came to a decision I that don’t need a passport. After a lot of hardships I applied for passport and successfully received it. Now the process is made so simple that you can do everything online. This makes me think how lucky you all are. This article explains about important things about Passport appointment booking online. It gives you a brief idea of how to apply for passport through online and other things related to it.

Passport Seva Kendra Login

Passport Seva Kendra Login:

Nowadays everything is done at the touch of a button as digitalisation is the way forward for every organization. Even our Indian public services have gone online and made communication easier for Indian citizens. in this regard, Indian Passport services also have a website where an individual can register and apply for passport and other passport related services online itself without the hassle of waiting in long queues. Below is a detailed description of how to login to the website.

Passport Address Change

Passport Address Change:

When you shift to a new location/address and if you are an Indian passport holder, then you must change your address from old to new in your passport as well. The procedure for address change in passport is as below. Especially women might need to do passport address change after marriage. Although, passport address change online cannot be done in the website itself, you can use the website to download the form and scheduling an appointment. Passport Address change procedure is not a complex one. It is just a passport reissue procedure with the updated address.

Passport Fees India - New, Renewal, Tatkal Passport Fees Charges

Passport Fees India - New, Renewal, Tatkal Passport Fees Charges:

A passport is the most important travel document and identity document for anyone who travels abroad for the purpose of Business, leisure, holiday & tours, pilgrimage, education, medical, etc. A regular passport has blue colour cover and can be issued to every citizen of India who applies for it. This passport has a validity of 10 years for adults and upon expiry the individual has to renew their passport. Whereas, for a minor (18 years or below) the passport is valid only for 5 years, which should be renewed after completion of 5 years or if upon maturity (attained 18 years of age) the passport can be renewed immediately and the individual will then receive a new passport which will be valid for 10 years.

Name Change in Passport

How to change name in passport - Passport Name change after marriage:

A regular passport that has blue cover and is issued to citizens of India is valid for a period of ten years. But in those ten years, there might arise a situation where you will be required to change the details in the passport. Most of the people might require change of name in passport when compared to other changes. People who require the name change in passport mostly are of age 20-35. Wondering why? Once you get married, passport name change is one of the things to do by many people especially who are aspiring to travel abroad with the spouse after marriage. The name in the passport including surname is very important when it comes to passport. There can be many situations when you want a passport name change. Some of the situations are;

Types of Passports in india

Types of Passports in india:

Passport is an essential travel document for anyone who wishes to travel across the world for various purposes such as education, medical, leisure, business, official, etc. You might be thinking that there are no different types of Passport in India as we take passports mostly for traveling purpose for official assignments. In India, there are three types of passports which are being issued for three categories of people;
  1. General Public
  2. Diplomats
  3. Indian Government Representatives
Detailed descriptions of the three types of passports are as below; We have tried our best to explain about each type of Indian passports. Please check the official website of Passport seva kendra for further updated information.

Types of Passports in india
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Types of Passports in India:

There are 3 different types of passports available in India. They are:

  • Regular Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official passport

Regular Passport:

A regular passport is issued to the general public who are citizens of India. It is also known as ordinary passport which has a blue cover and consists of 36 or 60 pages as per the requirement of the applicant. This passport holder can use this passport and travel across the world for ordinary vacation, business, education, medical, pilgrimage, or any such travels. This passport is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issue and it can be renewed for another 10 years upon expiry.